Make-Up I Can’t Live Without!

Okay so I love make-up and I love buying make-up regardless of the never-ending supply of highlighters and lipsticks I seem to collect every year (oops). Since we are still early in January, here is a list of some new favs I added to my make-up routine last year that I’ve been obsessed with! 

1) Marc Jacobs Beauty 
Cover(t) Stick Colour Corrector

Why I love it- This colour corrector leaves my skin looking flawlessly smooth and provides an extremely strong base for any foundation or concealer I layer on top! It is extremely light on my skin and doesn’t lead to overtly opaque coverage!

Product: Beauty Cover(t) Stick Colour Corrector
Size: 0.56 oz
Shade: 320 Getting Warmer
USD $42

2) Estee Lauder Perfecting Loose Powder

Product:  Perfecting Loose Powder
Size: 0.35oz

Shade- Medium 
USD $42

Why I love it: As someone who has extremely oily skin, finding a loose powder that controls the oil while also protecting my skin from being too dry or from my makeup looking cakey, was… hard. Until I took a slight leap of fate and invested in this product. Result? I’m never going back and will defend this setting powder to my grave.

3) Becca Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette Pressed

Product:Highlight/Lowlight Perfecting Palette Pressed
Size: Highlight- 0.11oz, Lowlight- 0.22oz
USD $38

Why I love it: Everyone around me was always raving about the quality of Becca cosmetics and after using the highlight lowlight palette for a few months now, I think I’m gonna have to agree. The application process is smooth with almost no fallout or glitter transfer and lasts extremely long. The lowlight too is perfect for subtle day time looks but can also be used for a more dramatic look because of the deep pigment it consists of.

4) I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts – Summer of Love Bronzer

Why I love it: One of the biggest reasons I was perhaps drawn to this product was the packaging. The heart-shaped box comes almost full to the top with product that is well pigmented, long lasting, has glitter (yay!), and is affordable!

Product: Triple Baked Bronzer 
Shade: Summer of Love
Size: 0.35oz USD $7.00

5) Smahbox Photostrip Highlighting Palette

Why I love it: Like the name suggests, this highlighter palette consists of 5 extremely bright and photochromatic effects that pop extremely well on camera, while still avoiding the harsh white undertones shades like these usually carry. The different shades can be used on different parts of your face, including your brows and the inner conner of your eye!

Product: Photostrip Highlighting Palette
Size: 0.29oz
USD $22

6) Revolution London Ultra Brow Palette 

Product: Ultra Brow
Size: 0.35oz
Shade: Extra Dark to Black
USD $15

Why I love it: This brow palette comes with 6 brow gels, concealer, highlighter, a brow pencil, two brushes and a tweezer!!! At that price!!! They really did that?
Besides that, the bottom left brown is the perfect shade for me and is easy to apply, looks natural and lasts for 12+ hours. Do I need MORE reasons to love it?

7) Becca Luminous Blush

Product: Luminous Blush
Size: 0.2oz
Shade: Dahlia
USD $34

Why I love it: Like I mentioned earlier, Becca Cosmetics has fantastic results with minimum fallout and so minimum waste and minimum mess. This product is no different. I love the shade and the glitter that is present in it. It truly is luminous and makes my skin glow almost incandescently.
Additionally, the durable packaging provides for a product that is easy to travel with and won’t lead to heartbreaking cracks in your palette!

8) Fenty Beauty- Gloss Bomb

Why I love it: And for my last product, none other than RiRis creation itself! This lip gloss is sparkley, shiny, moisturizing and somewhat delicious. All of which a good lip gloss should be. Fun fact, this is the only lip gloss I own because I usually HATE lipgloss and favor a matte look over a glossy one. Yet, this is the one gloss I make an exception for!

Product: Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer
Size: 0.3oz
Shade: Fenty Glow
USD $18

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