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Managing Your Time & Goals

Flexibility is Key!
The disappointment I felt when I missed a deadline or left a goal unachieved was far greater than the joy I felt for achieving those very goals. If you couldn’t guess, this is a problem.

Focusing on my failures started to negatively affect my self confidence. Eventually, it turned into a cycle where I couldn’t achieve my goals because of previous disappointments, which led to fresh failure and disappointment and the cycle continued.

The best way I found to counter these feelings was by setting goals and being open to them changing. While a goal is sort of a ‘finish line’ for a task you have set out to achieve, I am a big believer that the line can change depending on where you are in the journey.

For example, picture an upcoming deadline for a project you have spent hours, days, months, planning out a certain way. You have taken the time to plan these stages, setting a goal for every stage of the way, only to realize that the plan won’t work.

Before, I would freak out and try and stick to my original plan and goals and somehow try to make it work. Sometimes, this would give me positive results. Mostly, not.

In this case, I would now take some time to reevaluate my plan, set out new, more relevant goals and restart and reboot.

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