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Managing Your Time & Goals

Map Out Your Goals Somewhere You Can See Them
It is easy to forget your end goal when you cannot visualize it. This is something I discovered earlier this year, and cannot stress enough!!!!!

I have become a huge fan of dry erase boards, m work calendar on my computer, To-Do-Lists, and Stickies on my laptop home screen. Bonus points for anyone who finds solace in colour coding. For me, it is a task based system based on the degree of urgency (this can vary, but mine are coded based on deadlines)

A Dynamic Method to Track Your Progress
Having a tracking sheet of some sort really helps me get my ideas together in a single comprehensive document, and also helps me find my flow.

For example, I recently discovered that excel sheets are a great way to track your progress on tasks at work.

Simple mind maps or activity trees (as displayed) on that dry erase board I love help me on the more personal front.

All in all, I am a visual thinker and need some sort of a progress check I can access regularly.

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