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Managing Your Time & Goals

Set a Sign Off Time & Stick To It
The human body and mind is definitely not designed to work 24/7. Mine are objectively not, LOL.

It’s important to figure out what your most productive time of the day is, and plan your tasks accordingly.

Learn When to Walk Away
Sometimes, I feel way too much. Too much urgency, too much anxiety, too much fear, and eventually too much demotivation.

These feelings often come when I have spent TOO MUCH TIME on a specific task.
Often, my mind comes to a standstill and I lose the ability to clearly evaluate a situation and take action.

It is situations like these that absolutely require you to walk away from their in order to get any results at all.

Yes, you can keep doing the task and achieve a subpar result; or, you can take a break, rethink your approach, and get the best result possible.

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