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Managing Your Time & Goals

Change your Sleep Schedule!

I started by changing my schedule and waking up at 6am everyday instead of the usual noon I had grown accustomed to. Immediately, I noticed that I felt happier, more energized, and more productive.

I also realized that I get laaaaazy after lunch, and hence aimed to get 60% of my work done in the mornings and early afternoon, about 30% in the late afternoon, and only 10% during the remainder of the day.

I also realized I am largely exhausted after 8pm, and hence set that as my ‘Sign Off hour’.

8pm is the latest I will start an activity, and also the time I will start wrapping up ongoing tasks.

Celebrate Every Hit & Revaluate Every Miss
A big part of staying productive and meeting your goals is feeling positive about yourself.

I often find myself getting disappointed and procrastinating when I forget to celebrate my accomplishments, however small they might be.

It is important to reward yourself every time you achieve a goal whether that be by getting yourself your favourite candy, or leaving work early after having a productive day.

In order to succeed in the long run, it is also imperative that we evaluate our failures. Rethink YOUR strategies and change those misses to hits!

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